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Translation & Narration

FMP Languages provides experienced translators and native voice talent for accurate, accent-free video and multimedia narration, simultaneous live interpretation, and text for subtitles, graphics, web and print.

In today’s increasingly global economy a reliable translation and narration partner can be crucial to communicating with customers, prospects and employees. That’s why businesses large and small depend on FMP Languages and our comprehensive translation and narration services.

With 30 years of experience, FMP Languages seamlessly integrates a global team of translators and native voice talent to deliver precise, culturally-sensitive communications to reach regional audiences on their own terms, in their own language.

Below is more information on our language services. Check out our translation and narration portfolio page as well. Or call our client services team directly at 610-825-4000.

Translation & Narration for Multimedia

The FMP Languages team brings together the most experienced translators and professional native voice talent to meet the specific needs of your project, ensuring accurate, accent-free narration. We help you choose the right voice, handle all recording and editing, and provide the highest quality assurance.

Subtitling & Video Graphic Replacement

We provide full service text translation and subtitling, timed to match the video’s English narration and running time. In our post-production suites, we create foreign language video graphics that capture the style and movement of the original program effects.

Translation & Desktop Publishing

FMP Languages offers translation and desktop publishing in all formats, programs and platforms, including presentations, brochures and technical manuals.

Conference Interpreters

Whether it’s a live event or live-to-tape, FMP Languages provides expert simultaneous interpreters and the technology needed to deliver real-time audio translation to your audience on site or via streaming media. Consecutive interpreters are also available to help facilitate face-to-face interaction.