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Script-to-Screen Video

Award-winning script-to-screen video production for businesses in the New York-Philadelphia region and beyond.

script to screen videoOrganizations of all sizes turn to the experienced professionals at FMP for video scriptwriting, design, shooting and post-production services. We’re a team of visual storytellers, trained in video and related technologies, with a strong background in business communications.

FMP produces a range of video for business. Documentary-style videos, featuring interviews and observational footage. Programs using actor scenarios. And compelling animated “explainer” videos.

Our process begins with understanding each client’s communication goals and the context of their culture and marketplace. This knowledge guides us from script development, through video acquisition, to the final edit. We apply all we’ve learned producing thousands of videos used successfully in sales, marketing, and training.

Below is more information on our services in video design and production. Check out our script-to-screen portfolio page as well. Or call our client services team directly at 610.825.4000.

Design / Pre-Production Logistics

Our in-house team will work with you to focus your video communication goals, then develop a creative approach, write the script, and plan the production – all within the established budget and timeline. Specific services include:

  • Project management
  • Creative/content development
  • Scriptwriting /Storyboarding
  • Technical consulting
  • Location scouting
  • Talent casting
  • Production planning

Video Acquisition

At FMP, our experience covers a range of video production circumstances from on-camera interviews to observational documentary to actor-based scenarios, in the studio or on location in the Delaware Valley, throughout the U.S., and all over the world. Specific services include:

  • Producer-Director
  • Director of Photography, Audio Engineer, and other technicians
  • HD Video Camera Package with tripod, monitor and power supply
  • Support equipment including lighting, audio mixer and microphones, grip kit and more
  • Multi-camera set-ups including video switchers, recorders, camera paint, and more
  • Teleprompters and operators
  • Live satellite and HD Polycom transmission
  • Global video production experience


Our post-production suites are where all the elements of each program come together with video editing, motion graphics, animation, music, narration and more – all under the guidance of an FMP producer-director. Services include:

  • Producer-Director
  • Non-linear editing systems
  • Graphic design, motion effects and animation
  • Stock image and music research and procurement
  • Original music and narration
  • Language translation/audio or subtitling 
  • Video encoding to multiple digital formats