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Satellite/Live Video

Decades of experience with live, on-location video, including multi-camera switched productions with satellite links.

FMP provides broadcast expertise and state-of-the-art equipment custom selected for the specific needs of each live video production. Whether it is two or more cameras covering an event, a two-way satellite feed, or a satellite media tour, our team has the experience and resources to get it done efficiently and effectively.

When real-time satellite transmission is needed, we provide a turn-key solution, including the video production resources, the satellite uplink and downlink, and securing time on the “bird.” In addition, FMP is among a very few production companies successfully using HD Polycom for immersive two-way video transmission over a standard internet connection.

Learn more below about our core multi-camera and satellite video services or contact our client services team directly at 610-825-4000.

Multi-Camera Coverage

Video coverage of live business events allows distribution of this content to a much broader audience, increasing the value of the event and the overall costs for staging it.

With our team of television professionals, FMP has extensive experience producing multiple-camera switched productions for I-MAG (live audience display), archive recording, linking to a satellite, and streaming on the web. FMP provides a turn-key solution that provides the capabilities of a television studio on-site at your business or event location, including cameras, switching technology, lighting, audio and more. All planned and executed by experts with decades of broadcast experience.

Here is a partial list of programs that use multi-camera production:

  • Event keynotes
  • Sales meetings
  • Training seminars
  • Investor relations
  • Press conferences
  • Live expert interviews or panel discussions
  • Corporate "town hall"
  • Fundraising galas
  • Award ceremonies
  • Graduations

Two-Way Satellite

A charismatic executive, a celebrity thought leader, or another relevant news maker can increase the drawing power of any live business event. But it’s not always possible for that star speaker to travel to the event site. That’s where FMP’s satellite video solution can save the day.

FMP can provide a video satellite feed to “beam in” one or more speakers from nearly anywhere in the world to appear in real-time on screen at the event. Live demonstrations from a remote location can be presented in real-time via satellite as well. Live interviews or panel discussions can also be part of the satellite video mix.

FMP’s turn-key solution includes project management, the video production team, the satellite uplink and downlink, and securing time on the “bird.” Call for more information 610.825.4000.

Satellite Media Tour

A satellite media tour is a sequence of one-on-one interviews conducted from a single location via satellite with a number of pre-booked television reporters from around the world. Businesses can use a satellite media tour to get busy executives “on the air” across many media outlets from the comfort of their own offices, reaching a broad audience without the enormous price tag of television advertising. Ideal for new product announcements, earnings reports, or other public relations outreach.

FMP will book time on the appropriate satellites, provide uplink and downlink technology, and. help turn your executive conference room into a mini TV studio. We’ll work with your PR team to schedule interviews, share the relevant technical data, and manage the entire production process. Call for more information 610.825.4000.

HD Polycom Video Transmission

For some projects, video transmission using HD Polycom can be a viable, lower cost alternative to satellite.

HD Polycom can be used to transmit two-way video as part of a live event – for instance, to bring in a presenter or demonstration from a remote location. HD Polycom transmission can also be used as the source for a video webcast.

FMP has years of experience with HD Polycom – and we’re one of only a handful of production companies in the world who can make that claim. Our team will provide the equipment and expertise, and partner with your IT department to ensure a robust connection with minimal impact on your network. Call for more information 610.825.4000.