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Real-Time, Remote Video Production

To help our clients through the pandemic, FMP has developed an affordable process to capture high-quality media content remotely from presenters anywhere in the world.

It uses internet video transmission to our professional broadcast systems, surpassing what is possible with services like Zoom alone by integrating FMP's high-end technology and our proven video experience.

With this process, FMP can produce compelling video programs that include panel discussions, direct-to-camera presentations, slides, and pre-produced videos, as well as lower third IDs and other graphics. We can produce and stream these programs live, or record and edit them for playback as part of online events, and on social media.

Here's more detail on what the FMP enhanced real-time, remote video process can provide:

  • Accomodation for multiple speakers from anywhere with a suitable internet connection
  • Real-time interaction between speakers for co-presentation, interviews, and discussions
  • Broadcast-style live switched edits, integrating live feeds and pre-produced video, slides, and graphics
  • Live professional coaching of speakers on performance, show flow, camera adjustment, lighting and audio
  • Program development, scriptwriting, graphic and animation production
  • Video editing and the addition of motion graphics, music and other enhancements
  • Closed captioning and subtitles
  • Live streaming or scheduled "simu-live" playback of pre-produced content
  • Customized microsites for publication of final video


To learn more, use our contact page or call our client services team at 610.825.4000.